Since 1905

healdsburg-history-camellia-innYou can still see the place where Healdsburg District Hospital began in 1905. It was in the right wing of the home of Dr. J. Walter Seawall at 211 North Street, now the Camellia Inn. It was called Healdsburg General Hospital, and a doctor’s visit cost $2. Dr. Seawall and his partner, Dr. Frank E. Sohler, were hard-working, dedicated, and innovative physicians who insisted on the best equipment and latest medical technology for their hospital. This, along with the sunshine and fresh air, attracted first-rate staff to the hospital.

Not much has changed since then, though the hospital has moved locations several times, and a doctor’s visit costs a bit more than $2.  HDH still provides quality, compassionate care, and the residents of northern Sonoma County appreciate the high-quality healthcare they receive from dedicated professionals who live and work in their local communities.

As the town of Healdsburg grew, the community was committed to keeping HDH as its flagship hospital for northern Sonoma County.  Then in 2002, the North Sonoma County Healthcare District was formed, which revived the over 100-year-old hospital, officially renaming it Healdsburg District Hospital.