Healdsburg Hospital Crisis Care Continuum Guidelines during the surge of coronavirus disease cases

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The primary focus of this guidance is on the operational strategies for Healdsburg Hospital during crisis. Healdsburg Hospital is supported by and works in concert with regional Health Care Coalitions (HCCs), their Medical and Health Operational AreaCoordinator (MHOAC), Regional Disaster Medical and Health Specialist (RDMHS), the California Department of Public Health(CDPH), Emergency Medical System Authority (EMSA), and public safety partners, local EMSA, and state and local government agencies. HCCs includes partnerships between local public health, emergency medical services (EMS), health care facilities, and emergency management that provide planning and response coordination.

Crisis care is an extension of Healdsburg Hospital’s surge-capacity plan, which addresses the ability to manage a sudden influx of patients. During Conventional Care, customary routine services are provided through standard operating procedures. During Contingency Care, the care is functionally equivalent to routine care but equipment, medications, and even staff may be used for different purposes or in a different manner than typical daily use. Crisis Care falls at the far end of the spectrum when resources are scarce and the focus changes from delivering individual patient care to delivering the best care for the patient population.