A personal message from Healdsburg District Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, James P. Schuessler:

“We are dedicated to the health and safety of our patients. Now more than ever, our team of health care professionals have proven their dedication by ensuring the necessary safety measures and precautions are in place to provide you excellent, reliable care during COVID-19. We have installed daily screening stations for all staff, increased sanitizing protocols, instituted a universal masking policy, and reduced the number of people in our facilities to decrease the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.  Our staff feels safe here and we want our patients to feel that way too.”

Healdsburg District Hospital and its associated practitioners, facilities and programs take pride in caring for their community. We are dedicated to your safety and have implemented the following changes in response to COVID-19:
  • Screening stations are located at all entrances for all staff and vendors
  • Universal masking for all staff and patients
  • Visitors are allowed only briefly and must have prior clearance. Approved visitors must be checked-in by our screeners and be escorted where they need to go and then escorted back to the entrance upon departure. Visitors may not roam freely within the facility
  • Hand sanitizers are available throughout the facilities and at main entrances
  • Exam rooms, lab stations and waiting rooms are disinfected after each use
  • Special arrangements are made for patients expressing symptoms of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of everyone around them